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Feb 14, 2013

Let's watch Habibie & Ainun

There are those who do not watch movies Habibie & Ainun?
ow.ow.ow.. (don't be sad)
The movie was released simultaneously in Indonesia on December 20, 2012 was adapted from the novel of the same name by BJ Habibie, the former third president of the Republic of Indonesia. The plot revolves around a love story with his wife, Mr. Habibie and Mrs Ainun Habibie, how they met, married, and then spend time together until Ainun died aged 48 years 10 days after they married.

Habibie & Ainun a long-awaited movie by movie lovers Indonesia. Evident from the booming audience impressions on the first day until now in February 2013.

I had just had to watch it in February. because a lot of my job on campus so I'm always busy.
but before I watch it, I've read the novel, the novel is full of even more emotional. I just read through tears.
Alhamdulillah, because it is still early college so I can still steal time to watch. on February 14, 2013 I was watching with my friend. And certainly do not have to wait in line. For you are have not been watching, you are MUST WATCHING. I will invite my boyfriend to watch Saturday night. I think my boyfriend is also obliged to watch and for a second I will watch it (again). I think I will not get bored watching it.
with emotion, my friend and I cried. huhuhuhu so romantic. Finally after watching, we puffy eyes wkwkwkwk

There are two quotes that I took from the movie Habibie & Ainun and I love it:
1. You're the most stubborn and most difficult I have ever known. But if I had to redo my life, I would still choose you  -Ainun
2. Needless to someone who is perfect, just look for the guy who always makes you happy and makes you means more than anyone else -Ainun

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